Huatong Yuanhang (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. Huatong Yuanhang (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Solar Power Systems

    1. Off-Grid Solar Power System
    2. Off-Grid Solar Power System The off-grid solar power system comprises solar panels, a charge-discharge controller, a battery cabinet, a maintenance-free gel (iron-lithium) battery and a mounting bracket. Learn More
    1. On-Grid Solar Power System
    2. On-Grid Solar Power System The utilization of electric energy is maximized thanks to the system, as the battery isn't needed and with it the entire process of storing and releasing energy is avoided. Learn More
    1. Hybrid Power System
    2. Hybrid Power System This configuration offers numerous benefits, including high power supply efficiency, reduced expenditure on power supply, and consistent, reliable, and sustainable electricity output. Learn More

HT SOLAR provides innovative solar power solutions for a rapidly growing market. Our products are reliable, efficient and cost-effective, so you can rely on us for reliable energy for different applications.

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    1. Road Engineering
    2. Road Engineering Solar Power Solution for Road EngineeringThe intelligent traffic video surveillance system is primarily used to monitor the visual integrated monitoring system of expressway operations.
    1. Oil & Gas
    2. Oil & Gas Solar Power Solution for Oil & Gas FieldsThe advancement of oil field digitalization and informatization has enabled efficient centralized management of the oil production process.
    1. Border Security
    2. Border Security Solar Power Solution for Border SecurityWith today's increasingly complex and diverse border security needs, the power supply requirements can be difficult to meet.
    1. Cellular Base Station
    2. Cellular Base Station Solar Power Solution for Cellular Base StationTechnology continues to evolve, making it essential to bolster communication networks in remote and coastal locations for the sake of enhancing local communication infrastructure.
Our Projects Solar Power System Projects
    1. Off-Grid Solar Projects
    2. Off-Grid Solar Projects HT SOLAR has successfully completed off-grid solar energy projects in locations across the globe, ranging from residential to ship systems. Learn More
    1. Hybrid Power Projects
    2. Hybrid Power Projects HT SOLAR is a premier solar power device company specialized in Hybrid Power Projects. We have successfully completed projects across many different countries. Learn More

Established in 2008, Huatong Yuanhang (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (HT SOLAR) is a leading Chinese high-tech enterprise that specializes in photovoltaic power generation systems. Incorporated with two modern factories, one in Beijing and the other in Jiangsu, we are dedicated to creating customized, premium-grade on-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and hybrid power systems for commercial, residential, engineering, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, military, communications, oil and other industries.

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Quality Assurance

Invest in reliable and safe performance with long-term high yield, thanks to additional testing and certification from international standards and accreditation bodies. Maximize output in limited space with extended product life cycles.